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These items are known to lack in information amount or accuracy (and anyone having spare time and required information is welcome to improve them):

  • Sprites - main article is up to date, seems also formatted well, still somebody checking if it holds against actual users and what can be improved...
  • various main articles: check wording, if they are in sync with official docs/manual (memory page vs bank, port vs register, etc...)
  • DMA (check if this point is still true, may be already resolved) describes proper Zilog DMA chip, while ZXN contains heavily modified variant (no search, no single transfer, has extra mode with delayed output for sound sample playing, requires fewer instructions to init mem2mem transfer (there is quite some info scattered over official forum posts).
  • SpecDrum/DAC missing completely.
  • RPi0 Acceleration - currently under development by Xalior, needs more stable release to be documented.