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The Spectrum Next has a 40 pin (20x2) male header to which a Raspberry Pi Zero (RPi0) can be connected. It is labelled Accelerator Board on the main board.

It is recommended to use 11m M2.5 nylon standoff to support the accelerator over board (people have used also 12mm as they're easier to get hold of, sometimes shaving them off to fit perfectly).

The RPi0 has a Broadcom BCM2835 SoC with an ARMv6 core, a Videocore 4 GPU, and its own 512 MB memory and HDMI output. It has its own SD card from which it boots.


Attach a Raspberry Pi Zero to the Spectrum Next, use a standard 20x2 pin female header needs to be attached on the underside of the Pi:


NextPi, the dedicated Linux distro for the original Raspberry Pi 0 in the Next does not support the WiFi on the Pi0W. At this stage the Raspberry Pi cannot be used as a network interface for the Next.