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  • ...neral list of ports and registers used to control features on the Spectrum Next board. This is generally up to date, however the source for this informatio ...t, click [[Form:Port Form|here]]. To add a new register, click [[Form:Next Configuration Register Form|here]].
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  • The ZX Spectrum Next DMA (zxnDMA) is a single channel DMA device that implements a subset of the ...tarts the DMA, the DMA operation will complete before the CPU executes its next instruction.
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  • ...which operate in tandem. One is a unique memory management system for the Next. The other is an expanded version of the memory manager from the original S ...768k on an unexpanded Next, or 1792k on a Next expanded to 2Mb. (The base Next has 1mb of memory but 256k of it is reserved for the ROMs and firmware.)
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  • * [ Varmfskii's ZX Next tools] | style="text-align:right;" | 512 || || "Next" string followed by file header, containing also map of memory banks stored
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  • To increase the number of available colours on screen, the Spectrum Next supports palletized colours. Palette configuration can be done through registers $40-$44 and $6B. {{NextRegNo|$43}} sets which palette is being set up. Ther
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  • ...ot is auto-incremented. This auto-increment is independent of other sprite registers. ...ilable in foreseeable future, and if ever extended, there will be separate configuration bit to enable more than 64 pattern slots).
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  • === ''[ Simon N Goodwin's Spectrum Next Page]'' === : Next MGT Reader amongst other treasures.
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