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Holding Page for Expansion

See also

The WIFI module: ESP-01 (ESP8266) WIFI Transceiver. With Female socket

RTC Components: 4 to be purchased

DS1307 RTC I2C (DIP-8) 32.768KHz Crystal CR2032 Battery Holder CR2032 Battery

Memory upgrade: AS7C34096A-10JCN (SOJ-36) by Alliance Semiconductor Corp. Other equivalents are: IDT71V424S10Y by Integrated Device Technology, Inc (IDT). K6R4008V1D-J10 by Samsung Electronics. MCM6946YJ10 by Motorola, Inc. CY7C1049CV33-10VC by Cypress Semiconductor corp. IS61LV5128AL-10K(LI) by Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc (ISSI). There are two slots available for the SRAM upgrade.

Internal Speaker: 1-inch piezo, impedance 16 ohm or any basic PC BIOS internal speaker.

Acceleration: Raspberry PI ZERO. 2X 20 pin female header (2.54mm / 0.1" spacing)