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NextPi is a customised DietPi version distributed with the original "KS1" nexts. It is anticpated that the KS2 Nexts will ship with NextPi2.

NextPi is optimised for Read Only filesystems (making them safe to turn off without a clean shutdown) and are designed with the specific use of embedded in an 8-bit computer in mind as an "Assistant Processor - this means, in short, that they're not usable as "General Purposes" Linux installs, and thus lack many quality of life, and user features found on distributions like Rasbian. Both NextPi does have writable FAT16 user partitions which can be used for user software development and misc. purposes although, for developed games using the Pi for media playback, and executing assistant code /ram is more suited, and NextPi 2 also has a Persistent Cache system, managed by the nextpi-cache CLI API.

NextPi 1 was designed for a 1GB SD card, and will not take advantage of cards biggsd. NextPi 2 (currently in active development) is designed for a 16GB SD card, and will not work on smaller cards, and like it's predecessor, won't take advantage of larger cards.

Release Summary

Current Public Stable Release: 0.99D
Current Private Testing Patches: 0.99E
Current Private Testing Release: 1.30A

Planned Changed for Next Release

Getting Started - A User

Getting Started - A Developer