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Boring/Temporary stuff :)

The current build of NextBuild is NextBuild 7, As released by em00k back in January 2021. Myself and a few others have taken over maintenance of the package, and there may be some setup changes over the next few days/weeks as we get everything setup.

First up is that I think most people that use this setup would like to thank David (em00k) for all his hard work getting things to this point.

Using ZXBasic (also known as boriel basic) and NextBuild, or by taking inspiration from it, several commercial quality titles for the next have been released, and it's users are probably blissfully unaware that this is the case.

As a starting point we have forked the NextBuild repo which can now be found at

The intention is to give this a MIT license, although there are a couple of rough edges to be sorted on this front, but nothing that isn't fixable, and I don't envisage anyone using nextbuild to have any problems releasing their software.

So that's all the boring stuff done.

So what is Nextbuild?

It's an environment for developing in BASIC for the Spectrum Next, which combined with MS VSCode (other editors are available!), ZXBasic compiler, and an emulator on a Windows, linux or apple PC gives pretty decent performance and Rapid development. It's a bunch of glue, plus a fairly extensive library, along with some examples, which allow access to a lot of the hardware banging functions of the Next with ease, at speeds you couldnt dream of in NextBasic. (Not NextBasic's fault of course - it's interpreted so is always going to have an overhead which NextBuild/ZX basic doesnt have.)

Contributions and ideas for Nextbuild are actively encouraged but it would probably be a good idea to message myself so i can help make sure it fits in correctly, and we can sort out pull requests etc. You can do that on Discord ( AManInHisTechnoShed(rockdemon)#2742 ), check out the ZX Basic facebook page. I'll get comms better over the coming weeks.

For now I'll link to em00ks site, About NextBuild but suffice to say I hope to give much more information here over the coming weeks!