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Monitors reported to be working with the next

Monitor vga0 50hz Comments
AGneovo F-419 Yes no issues on vga mode 0
Asus VG278 Yes All modes work, both vga and hdmi
Asus VS239 Yes All modes work
Fujitsu-Siemens B19-6 19 Yes 50hz vga0 works
HP Compaq LA2205wg Yes vga0 50hz works
hp 22cwa ? "works really well", no more details
Hp L1910 Yes 50hz mode 0 works
LG Ring 1900R No 50hz vga4 works
Samsung SyncMaster 940Fn Yes 60hz all modes, 50hz vga0, vga1, vga2, vga5, vga6
Samsung SyncMaster E1920 Yes 50hz vga0 works
Vibrant VL5A9DL No 60hz all modes, 50hz vga4, vga5, vga6