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Simon N Goodwin's Spectrum Next Page

A host of utilites for NextBasic written by Simon, NextPort, Nextramon,
Next MGT Reader amongst other treasures.

Visual Studio Code Tasks and Scripts

Some VSC goodies by kounch to work with NextBasic and ZX Basic

Next BMP Tools

The Next BMP tools are BMP image conversion tools targeting the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next written
by Stefan Bylund

Octarine Studio

Octarine Studio by Guy Black is a PC based editing tool that currently supports palettes and tiles.

UDGeedNext Sprite Editor

Windows based sprite editor written by some guy I have never heard of. Currently supports 8 bit
palettes. 9 bit and 4 bit sprites should be added at some point....

Speccy Art

An online drawing experience that aims to help you create Sinclair ZX Spectrum-like images.
Supports the classic ULA mode (256x192 pixels with 8x8 attribute squares and 15 classic ZX colours)
Supports the Timex HiColour mode (256x192 pixels with 8x1 attribute rectangles and 15 classic ZX colours)
Images can be saved and loaded through TAP files or exported into SCR/SHC files.

ZX Spectrum Next tools by Theodore (Alex) Evans

Multiple tools for various graphics conversions and processing

Next Image Manipulator by Matt Davies

windows command line tool to convert various image and palette formats to custom "nip/nim" binary formats which are simple enough to parse (or include directly into source with assemblers supporting binary includes)
this is early version (already working, build it from source), but further expansion to support also tiles/etc may happen in future


A Swiss Army Knife for working with FAT partitions on Spectrum emulator HDF images

ZXSpectrumNextTests by Kevin Watkins and Peter Helcmanovsky

Suite of tests exercising various aspects of ZX Spectrum Next
Tests for: Next registers, Copper, Sprites, Layer2, ULA modes, Extended ULA, Layers mixing modes, Z80N instructions, ...
ASM Sources for each test (sjasmplus assembler syntax)

ZXSpectrumNextTests by Robin Verhagen-Guest

Suite of tests exercising various aspects of ZX Spectrum Next (yes, one more :) )
Tests for: DMA, MMU paging, Layers mixing modes
ASM Sources for each test (Zeus assembler syntax)

WASPtools by Phoebus Dokos

WASPtools is a suite of tools comprised of a palette manipulator, a sprite editor, a graphics converter, and tilemap editor (both virtual tilemaps for say Layer2, and the hardware tilemap mode).