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System architecture





Development Tools


See main page: Emulators


Any Z80 assembler can produce code suitable for the Next. However, the Next and most emulators cannot load raw blocks of Z80 code, so a Spectrum specific tool will be useful for creating .TZX or .TAP files with the necessary loaders.

Provides a complete Z80 IDE and Macro assembler, scripted disassember plus an integrated Z80 emulator for a range of machines including partial Next support
Supports the Next opcodes directly
Supports remote debugging on the Next using ParaSys across a serial link
A long established Z80 assembler, but has been out of development for a long time
Supports all currently known Next extension opcodes through this modified Pasmo from Russ McNulty and Tony Thompson and also now supports outputting .sna files to use with CSpect, thanks to Russ McNulty
  • SNasm - included with the CSpect emulator
Supports the Next extension opcodes directly
Supports the Next extension opcodes directly, linking assembler with large z80 library, targets any memory configuration
Supports all (core2.00.28) Next extension opcodes directly and it is under active development.


  • sccz80 and zsdcc - part of Z88dk
"sccz80" is a small c derived c compiler that is nearly c90 compliant with a few notable exceptions. Emphasis is on small code.
"zsdcc" is a fork of sdcc-z80 that is an open source optimizing c compiler with c90 and elements of c99 and c11 compliance.
A Next target is present and under development. Output file types include tap, sna, and esxdos dot commands.
A Basic to Z80 compiler with extensions added to Sinclair Basic.

Hardware Expansion

Your next computer can be expanded internally to add additional functionality.

  • RTC - Real Time Clock
  • Accelerator - Raspberry Pi Zero
  • ESP2866
A link to the forums discussing hardware additions



Wiki "to do" list

  • Wiki TODO list (can be used also as warning which pages may contain outdated information)