File Formats

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The NextZXOS can read and load these kind of files: bas, tap, nex, z80, sna, snx, dot, o, p

  • .z80, .sna and .snx are Spectrum snapshots, more suitable as emulator compatibility than a real format
  • .o is a ZX80 snapshot
  • .p is a ZX81 snapshot
  • .nex is good for a program that takes over the machine
  • .dot is good for dot commands and programs that can coexist with BASIC/NextZXOS and can return to BASIC safely (i.e. counterpart to nex)
  • .tap is a simple container format that can hold many files, is compatible with emulators and supported by many tools.
  • .bas is the native SD-card format for BASIC programs (first 128 bytes of the file form standard +3DOS header).
  • .scr is used for a standard Spectrum screenshot (SAVE "picture.scr" SCREEN$)
  • .shc is used for a screenshot in Timex 8x1 Hi-colour mode.
  • .shr is used for a screenshot in Timex Hi-res mode.
  • .slr is used for a lo-res screenshot.
  • .sl2 is used for a layer 2 screenshot.