Default Tilemap Attribute Register

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Number $6C
Readable Yes
Writable Yes
Short Description Default tile attribute for 8-bit only maps.
Bit Function
7-4 Palette Offset (copied as bits 7-4 in final palette index)
3 X mirror
2 Y mirror
1 Rotate
0 If in 512-tile-mode: bit 8 of tile-id

else draw priority: 1 = ULA over tilemap, 0 = tilemap over ULA

This attribute is used for all tiles if bit 5 of Tilemap Control Register ($6B) is set.

When bit 1 of Tilemap Control Register ($6B) is set, the bit 0 of tile attribute works as ninth bit of tile-id (allowing 512 tiles in total), and the priority of layers is then "ULA over Tilemap" as default.

When bit 3 of Tilemap Control Register ($6B) is set, the bits 7-1 works as Palette offset (copied to bits 7-1 in final palette index, bit 0 comes from pixel data) (there are no mirror/rotate bits in the "text mode").