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sccz80 and zsdcc

Part of Z88dk

"sccz80" is a small C derived C compiler that is nearly C90 compliant with a few notable exceptions. Emphasis is on small code.
"zsdcc" is a fork of sdcc-z80 that is an open source optimizing C compiler with C90 and elements of C99 and C11 compliance.
A Next target is present and under development. Output file types include tap, sna, and esxdos dot commands.
Calling convention notes

ZX Basic

A Basic to Z80 compiler with extensions added to Sinclair Basic.

NextBuild v7

NextBuild is a suite of tools for Windows which uses Boriel's ZX Basic Compiler. It comes with a Next library of routines
to take advantage of the Nexts hardware. Examples included.
A NextBuild dedicated Wiki section is "planned".

bas2tap utility

The utility to convert `BASIC in an ASCII file' to a TAP tape image file (can be loaded by emulator or Next as regular BASIC program).
Comes complete with portable C source. With full BASIC syntax checking!
(does not support NextBASIC extensions)
(for NextBASIC you can use the NextZXOS dot commands .txt2bas and .bas2txt directly on the Next)

txt2bas & bas2txt CLI utility

Cross platform command line tool to convert NextBASIC to +3dos .bas file and convert .bas files to plain text.
The tool also includes verbose validation, tap and 3dos, BANK compatible and headerless export and import support