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 Number"Number" is a type and predefined property provided by Semantic MediaWiki to represent numeric values.ReadableWritable
Active Video Line LSB Register
Active Video Line MSB Register
Alternate ROM
Anti-brick Register
CPU Speed Register
Clip Window Control Register
Clip Window Layer 2 Register
Clip Window Sprites Register
Clip Window Tilemap Register
Clip Window ULA/LoRes Register
Config Mapping Register
Copper Control High Byte
Copper Control Low Byte
Copper Data
Copper Data 16-bit Write Register
Core Version Register
Core Version Register (sub minor)
DAC A+D (mono) mirror Register
DAC B (left) mirror Register
DAC C (right) mirror Register
Debug LED Control Register
Default Tilemap Attribute Register
Display Control 1 Register
DivMMC Trap Enable 1 Register
DivMMC Trap Enable 2 Register
ESP WiFi GPIO Output Register
ESP WiFi GPIO Register
Enhanced ULA Control Register
Enhanced ULA Ink Color Mask
Enhanced ULA Palette Extension
Expansion Bus Control Register
Expansion Bus Decoding b0-7 Register
Expansion Bus Decoding b16-23 Register
Expansion Bus Decoding b24-31 Register
Expansion Bus Decoding b8-15 Register
Expansion Bus Enable Register
Expansion Bus I/O Propagate Register
Extended Keys 0 Register
Extended Keys 1 Register
Global Transparency Register
Internal Port Decoding b0-7 Register
Internal Port Decoding b16-23 Register
Internal Port Decoding b24-31 Register
Internal Port Decoding b8-15 Register
Keymap High Address Register
Keymap High Data Register
Keymap Low Address Register
Keymap Low Data Register
Layer 2 Control Register
Layer 2 RAM Page Register
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