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Active Video Line LSB Register$1Ftruefalse
Active Video Line MSB Register$1Etruefalse
Alternate ROM$8Ctruetrue
Anti-brick Register$10truetrue
CPU Speed Register$07truetrue
Clip Window Control Register$1Ctruetrue
Clip Window Layer 2 Register$18truetrue
Clip Window Sprites Register$19truetrue
Clip Window Tilemap Register$1Btruetrue
Clip Window ULA/LoRes Register$1Atruetrue
Config Mapping Register$04falsetrue
Copper Control High Byte$62truetrue
Copper Control Low Byte$61truetrue
Copper Data$60falsetrue
Copper Data 16-bit Write Register$63falsetrue
Core Version Register$01truefalse
Core Version Register (sub minor)$0Etruefalse
DAC A+D (mono) mirror Register$2Dtruetrue
DAC B (left) mirror Register$2Ctruetrue
DAC C (right) mirror Register$2Etruetrue
Debug LED Control Register$FFfalsetrue
Default Tilemap Attribute Register$6Ctruetrue
Display Control 1 Register$69truetrue
DivMMC Trap Enable 1 Register$B2truetrue
DivMMC Trap Enable 2 Register$B4truetrue
ESP WiFi GPIO Output Register$A8truetrue
ESP WiFi GPIO Register$A9truetrue
Enhanced ULA Control Register$43truetrue
Enhanced ULA Ink Color Mask$42truetrue
Enhanced ULA Palette Extension$44truetrue
Expansion Bus Control Register$81truetrue
Expansion Bus Decoding b0-7 Register$86truetrue
Expansion Bus Decoding b16-23 Register$88truetrue
Expansion Bus Decoding b24-31 Register$89truetrue
Expansion Bus Decoding b8-15 Register$87truetrue
Expansion Bus Enable Register$80truetrue
Expansion Bus I/O Propagate Register$8Atruetrue
Extended Keys 0 Register$B0truefalse
Extended Keys 1 Register$B1truefalse
Global Transparency Register$14truetrue
Internal Port Decoding b0-7 Register$82truetrue
Internal Port Decoding b16-23 Register$84truetrue
Internal Port Decoding b24-31 Register$85truetrue
Internal Port Decoding b8-15 Register$83truetrue
Keymap High Address Register$28truetrue
Keymap High Data Register$2Afalsetrue
Keymap Low Address Register$29falsetrue
Keymap Low Data Register$2Bfalsetrue
Layer 2 Control Register$70truetrue
Layer 2 RAM Page Register$12truetrue
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