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Number $133B
Decimal 4923
Short desc. Sends byte to serial port. If read, tells if data in RX buffer
Bit Mask %0001 0011 0011 1011
Readable Yes
Writable Yes
Subsystem UART

0x133B UART Tx


bit 7 = 1 if the Rx is in a break condition  ; external device has held Tx=0 for at least 20 bit periods
bit 6 = 1 if the Rx experienced a framing error  ; (clears on read, includes parity and stop bit errors)
bit 5 = 1 if the next Rx byte was received after an error condition was detected (framing, overflow)
bit 4 = 1 if the Tx buffer is empty
bit 3 = 1 if the Rx buffer is near full (3/4)
bit 2 = 1 if the Rx buffer overflowed  ; (clears on read)
bit 1 = 1 if the Tx buffer is full
bit 0 = 1 if the Rx buffer contains bytes


Send a byte to the connected device.