UART Control

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Number $153B
Decimal 5435
Short desc. Configuration of UART interfaces
Bit Mask %0001 0101 0011 1011
Readable Yes
Writable Yes
Subsystem UART
bit 6 = 0 to select the esp uart, 1 to select the pi uart †
bit 4 = 1 if the bits 2:0 are being written
bits 2:0 = most significant bits of the 17-bit prescalar setting baud rate

pi gpio must be configured for uart, see Pi Peripheral Enable Register ($A0)

† either uart can be redirected to the joystick ports, see Kempston Joystick 2, Joystick I/O ($xx37 / 55)

The remaining 14-bits of prescalar value can be written by UART RX ($143B / 5179)