Internal Port Decoding b0-7 Register

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Number $82
Readable Yes
Writable Yes
Short Description Enabling internal ports decoding
Bit Description
7 Enabling Kempston Joystick 2, Joystick I/O ($xx37 / 55) (also MD2 controller)
6 Enabling Kempston Joystick ($xx1F / 31) (also MD1 controller)
5 Enabling Datagear DMA Port ($xx6B / 107)
4 Enabling +3 floating bus
3 Enabling Plus 3 Memory Paging Control ($1FFD / 8189)
2 Enabling Next Memory Bank Select ($DFFD / 57341)
1 Enabling Memory Paging Control ($7FFD / 32765)
0 Enabling Timex Sinclair Video Mode Control ($xxFF / 255)

since core3.1.1: all bits are set to 1 when: soft reset and bit 31 is set OR hard reset and bit 31 is clear (otherwise content is kept intact). All bits are set to 1 upon soft reset.

The internal port decoding enables always apply.

When the expansion bus is on, the expansion port decoding (Next Registers $86-$89) enables are logically ANDed with the internal enables (Next Registers $82-$85). A zero bit indicates the internal device is disabled.

If the expansion bus is on, this allows I/O cycles for disabled internal ports to propagate to the expansion bus, otherwise corresponding I/O cycles to the expansion bus are filtered.

(note: Next registers with number higher than $7F are inaccessible from Copper code)