Circuit Diagrams

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The KS1 and KS2 schematics can be downloaded here.

The three tail matrix keyboard schematic can be downloaded here.

J13 - Daughter board connector - Issue 2A/2B

DaughterLocation.jpg Circuit daughter board.png

J13 - Daughter board connector - Issue 4

J13-I4-DaughterLocation.png J13-I4-CircuitDaughterBoard.png

J15 - Next GPIO - Issue 2A/2B

NEXT GPIO location.jpg NEXT GPIO.png

J15 - Next GPIO - Issue 4

J15-I4-GPIOLocation.png J15-I4-CircuitGPIO.png

CN5 - Expansion bus (edge connector)

Expansion bus location.jpg Expansion bus.png

J10/J11 - Memory Expansion Ports

Mem Expansion location.jpg Mem Expansion.png

J4/J7 J8/J14 - Joystick Ports

Joystick Ports Location.jpg Joystick Ports.png

CN1 - VGA Video Port

Video Port Location.jpg Video Port.png


  • In VGA mode (scandoubler enabled), H-SYNC and V-SYNC are carried separately on their respective pins.
  • In RGB mode (scandoubler disabled), H-SYNC carries composite sync, and V-SYNC carries 1.
  • Pin 14 carries 3V3, which can be connected to SCART pin 16 to indicate RGB to the display.
  • There is no convenient source of voltages between 9.5-12V to indicate 4:3 aspect ratio to the display on SCART pin 8, so this is usually left unconnected.

CN8 - Digital Port

Digital Port Location.jpg Next Digital Port.png

CN2/CN6/CN7 - SD Reader (Mainboard) (CN6 on reverse)

SD Reader Port Location.jpg SD Reader Main.png

CN10/CN11/CN12 - SD Reader (Daughterboard) (CN12 on reverse)

SD Reader Daughter Port Location.jpg SD Reader.png

Accelerator Board

Accelerator Port Location.jpg Accelerator Port.png

Real Time Clock (RTC)

RTC Port Location.jpg RTC Port.png

CN9 - ESP8266-01/RS-232 Port

Wifi Port Location.jpg Next ESP Port.png